Venus 60 old / 60-I


8 3/4”’ | Hand Wind | Swiss Lever | Small Seconds |


  • In the Flume K1 catalog, a distinction is made between Venus 60 old and new. In the K2 there are the variants 60-I, 60-II and 60-III. The “60 old” corresponds to the 60-I and the “60 new” to the 60-II. Both differ only in the shape of the setting lever spring. Later, the 60-III was added, in which the shape of the cap jewel plate on the dial side was changed compared to the 60-II (round instead of oval). The “Official Catalogue of genuine Swiss Watch repair parts” from 1949 shows both differences (see extra picture)
  • The Alpina 641 is a Venus 60 old / 60-I with different bridge forms


  • Listing ID: 4940
  • Manufacturer / Brand: Venus
  • Caliber: 60 old / 60-I
  • Size: 8 3/4'''
  • Shape: Round
  • Winding: Manual (Crown)
  • Hand Setting: Crown
  • Seconds Hand: Small seconds
  • Escapement: Lever (Swiss, English, Glashütte)
  • Date & Day: None
  • Jewels: 15
  • Setting Lever Screw/Pin Position: Left
  • Balance Position: Bottom (120 - 240°)
  • Shock Protection: None
  • Beats per hour: 18,000
  • Balance Type: Screw balance
  • Power Reserve: Unknown
  • Production Period: Unknown, probably around 1928
  • Identification: Listed in the Ebauches SA catalog from 1928 and in the Classification Horlogère from 1936.
  • External Link:
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Contributor ©: member Badener (Andreas Kelz)

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