SGT 75-00 = PUW 800


6 3/4 x 8”’ | Hand Wind | Swiss Lever | Direct Sweeping Seconds |


  • SGT (Société des Garde-Temps SA) was a holding company founded in 1968, under whose umbrella various Swiss watch brands were combined, including Silvana, Helvetia and Fleurier. In the 1970s, SGT was one of the major Swiss watch groups alongside ASUAG and SSIH
  • Crown wheel and ratchet wheel underneath the barrel bridge
  • An extremely interesting movement, as it was mounted with the inscription SWISS in a watch whose dial also bore the inscription SWISS MADE. Did the Swiss SGT actually buy from the German PUW? Or was it perhaps the other way around and PUW bought from SGT?
    A hidden crown wheel and ratchet wheel is not necessarily typical of PUW, but who knows…


  • Listing ID: 4334
  • Manufacturer / Brand: SGT / PUW
  • Caliber: SGT 75-00 = PUW 800
  • Size: 6 3/4 x 8'''
  • Shape: Form
  • Winding: Manual (Crown)
  • Hand Setting: Crown
  • Seconds Hand: Sweeping seconds (central seconds)
  • Escapement: Lever (Swiss, English, Glashütte)
  • Date & Day: None
  • Jewels: 17
  • Setting Lever Screw/Pin Position: Right
  • Balance Position: Left (240 - 360°)
  • Shock Protection: Incabloc
  • Beats per hour: 21,600
  • Balance Type: Nickel
  • Power Reserve: Unknown
  • Production Period: Unknown, probably around 1975
  • Identification: Marked "SGT 75-00 E4" under the balance wheel.
  • External Link:
  • Country: Switzerland / Germany
  • Contributor ©: member Badener (Andreas Kelz)

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