12”’ | Hand Wind | Pin Lever | Sweeping Seconds | Pseudo -Chronograph |


  • Pillar construction
  • When stopping, the balance and thus the entire movement is stopped
  • Pseudo Chronograph with two pseudo totalizors
  • The pseudo-totalizer at 9 H is driven by the hour wheel and rotates counterclockwise in a circle every four hours -> completely useless!
  • The pseudo-totalizer at 3 H is also driven by the hour wheel and rotates counterclockwise every seven hours -> also completely useless!
  • The movement is also available under the same designation without a pseudo-chrono, optionally with a date and with only one totalizer (at 9 H)
  • “CAL OC 120” is often written on the case back of watches with ORA OC 71. Differences between OC 120 and OC 71 not known.
  • There were small modifications to these movements, but these can probably be found in the OC 71 and OC 120.
    • Modified setting lever spring
    • Area around winding stem: made of metal or plastic
    • Dial side: U-shaped cut-out for anchor or no cut-out
    • Balance cock with two curved and one straight side, balance cock with one curved and two straight sides


  • Listing ID: 2101
  • Manufacturer / Brand: ORA
  • Caliber: OC 71
  • Size in French Lignes: 12'''
  • Size range mm largest diameter: 22 - 31 mm
  • Shape: Round
  • Winding: Manual (Crown)
  • Hands Setting: Crown
  • Seconds Hand: Sweeping seconds (central seconds)
  • Escapement: Pin Lever
  • Date, Day, Month...: None
  • Other Functions: Chronograph
  • Jewels: 0
  • Setting Lever Screw/Pin Position: Left
  • Balance Position: Left (240 - 360°)
  • Shock Protection: None
  • Beats per hour: 18,000
  • Balance Type: Nickel
  • Power Reserve: Unknown
  • Production Period: Unknow, probably around 1975
  • Identification: Marked OC 71 next to the balance
  • External Link: https://uhrforum.de/threads/identifizierte-uhrwerke-die-weder-bei-ranfft-lorenz-noch-im-watch-wiki-zu-finden-sind.86322/page-42#post-5484849
  • Country: Italy
  • Contributor ©: Uhrforum.de member Badener (Andreas Kelz)

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