ETA C10111 / Swatch Sistem51


14 3/4”’ | Automatic | Swiss Lever | Sweeping Seconds | Date |


  • Lever escapement with plastic lever and escape wheel
  • Automatic with bidirectional winding, manual winding possible
  • Sweeping seconds without hacking
  • Date quick setting on middle crown position
  • Fully automatic assembly of the movement
  • Opening the watch, removing the winding stem and dismantling the movement is not possible without causing damage
  • 51 components
  • Only one screw. This secures the rotor made of transparent plastic
  • Plate and bridges made of non-magnetic ARCAP (alloy of copper, nickel and zinc)
  • Rate and beat error cannot be readjusted
  • Accuracy according to the manufacturer +/- 10s
  • Dial is only placed on the watch, not attached to the movement


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