Brandt Louis Model No. 19 H. T. Sav. / Labrador 19‘‘‘ Sav.


19”’ | Hand Wind | Swiss Lever | Small Seconds |


  • Swan-neck fine regulator
  • Three screw-set jewels (Chatons)
  • Labrador was a trademark of Louis Brandt
  • Over the years several different movements were used in Labrador watches
  • His company was named Louis Brandt et Frère-Omega Watch & Co in 1903
  • Swiss patent number 8760 marked ob the dial side. The Swiss patent CH8760 from 1894 describes the crown winding of the watch -> from this year onwards, the first Omega movement was also available


  • Listing ID: 5203
  • Manufacturer / Brand: Brandt Louis / Labrador
  • Caliber: Brandt Louis Model No. 19 H. T. Sav. / Labrador 19‘‘‘ Sav.
  • Size: 19''', height 6.6 mm
  • Shape: Round
  • Winding: Manual (Crown)
  • Hand Setting: Crown
  • Seconds Hand: Small seconds
  • Escapement: Lever (Swiss, English, Glashütte)
  • Date & Day: None
  • Jewels: 15
  • Setting Lever Screw/Pin Position: Right
  • Balance Position: Bottom (120 - 240°)
  • Shock Protection: None
  • Beats per hour: 18,000
  • Balance Type: Bimetallic screw balance with Breguet hairspring
  • Power Reserve: Unknown
  • Production Period: Labrador movements were built from 1885. According to the serial number, this movement is from around 1905, if the serial number matches those of Omega.
  • Identification: Movement marked with Labrador. Registered by Louis Brandt on May 19, 1892 in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce as model No. 19 H. T. in the Lépine (open face) version. Model No. 19 H. T. is not an official caliber designation, but was used to register the type of construction.
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  • Country: Switzerland
  • Contributor ©: member Badener (Andreas Kelz)

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