Badenia RA 126


11 1/2”’ | Automatic | Swiss Lever | Sweeping Seconds |


  • Automatic consists of an eccentric with two transport levers, similar to the Seiko Magic Lever, and is bidirectional winding. It drives the crown wheel
  • Badenia was founded in 1951 by Otto Heinrich Jaissle as Uhrenfabrik Jaissle & Co KG in Pforzheim. The company manufactured movements until 1960. After Jaissle’s death, the company was renamed Badenia Jaissle & Co and manufactured complete watches under the Badenia brand
  • From 1956, the company developed an automatic module that was screwed onto a base movement by August Hohl (AHO 1121). This first became the RA 126, in which the automatic bridge was made of plastic. In the Badenia RA 127 (from around 1958), this was made of brass

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